loBURN is a vision born of an artistic collective who seek to identify and share
amazing, unusual art, photography, music, and aspects of pop culture from all genres with emphasis on the obscure and unfamiliar.

loBURN will provide fantastic images and comprehensive interviews, articles, and quotes
from some of your favorite creators as well as new, emerging artists.

We welcome you on this innovative journey where we aim to lift the veil of formal conceptions
so that you may enjoy unconventional, erotic, and controversial works
as well as the words of traditional master artists, musicians, and creators.

the mighty disclaimer: loBURN is not responsible for any artwork that was misrepresented by the artist. We check websites and social network sites for artwork that was submitted as verification. If you feel that your artwork has been stolen and misrepresented by another, you need to contact that artist immediately and demand they stop using your artwork and that it be removed from their site. It is possible that we MAY be able to republish that issue or publish a statement on the site. loBURN sends out proofs prior to publishing and will not put any artists page in the magazine that has not been approved. loBURN does not give any committed order or preference of artist in the magazine. Each page was created based on art submission and approvals received.