an interview with Kent Lavoie by Lana Gentry 2015 

Singer and songwriter Kent Lavoie, otherwise known as Lobo swept the charts in the 1970's while commanding the respect of industry giants such as Graham Parsons. Even today, his former... read more


Lana Gentry for LoBurn Magazine - Feb 2015 

A great subject generally has the chance of lending itself to the certain success of any documentary. Having just watched Dark Star, the Life of H.R. Giger, I entered with that predisposed expectation... read more



Dennis Larkins, renowned for his set design and illustration work for bands including The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones, returns to Sacred Gallery with his new exhibition, “Road Trip to the Fourth Dimension.” Larkin presents iconic images of America’s cultural past, borrowing heavily from the aesthetics of the Atomic Age and the Golden Age of Sci-Fi, to present at once a critique of America’s past, present, and past-futures. Aliens, mushroom clouds, and rocket ships mingle with the family unit through Larkin’s unique painted sculptural reliefs that present depth and tangibility to his fantastic canvases... read more


Norbert H. Kox is an American outsider artist whose paintings display an unusual approach to religious iconography. His pictures are religious visions of the battle between good and evil, detailing spiritual scripts and examining the worship of various false icons.
Kox organises his compositions with pencil then employs a complex layering technique, depositing layers of vivid oils and watercolors. The final glazing of his paintings, combined with the strongly contrasted hues he uses, gives them a brilliant and translucent quality.


I learned a philosophy…that music does not have to be note perfect to be appreciated as art. I learned that less is more. I learned that there are no boundaries except those that we put on ourselves when creating art. I learned that if I truly wanted to be an artist, I had to get out and do it.—Robert Earl Reed

Erick De La Vega s a fine artist, photographer, and make-up FX artist. Concentrating primarily on his special effects work for the past 18 years, Erick has a host of project credits under his belt throughout the film and television industry (Thor, Real Steal, Cowboys and Aliens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, Angel TV series, Jeepers Creepers, Blade II, and Batman Dead End). His fine art paintings draw upon that work experience and showcase the ease of realism he achieves with airbrushed acrylics.

Trained at the New World School of the Arts and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Erick's work is influenced by the modern masters of dark, fantasy art like Frank Frazetta, Wayne Barlow, and H.R. Giger, as well as a mixture of his own Catholic upbringing and his obsession with Demons and the undead. Erick De La Vega's painted creations are otherworldly and yet eerily familiar. They expose the viewer to a horrific beauty that potentially awaits at the end of every darkened passageway. They are fearsomely compelling.

erickdelavega.com facebook.com/ErickDeLaVega

Krawczyk Stanislav is an artist hailing from the Ukraine. He tackles art in the most primeval form, scratching the darkness from his subconscious onto paper. Stanislav takes these tenebrous musings and manipulates them using modern technology with surprising results. This is raw, emotive, work filled with chaos and purpose, wherein you glimpse the artist's true self. It is a frightening window that reveals our gutteral instincts. Stanislav is for the art world what Black Metal is for music, primal, powerful, and pure.

hyaenagallery.com/stanislav.html facebook.com/stanislav.krawczyk